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Signs in the sand
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Time and tide
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Signs in the sand
Dune walk
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Weighing the evidence

Can you make out the face in the sand?

Walking the high tide mark is always a joy. There's something to pick up and examine every few yards, especially after a Spring tide. It's not just the human debris, its the stories behind all the objects discovered that fascinates. Often, speculation is demanded but at the same time some evidence is overwhelming.
Take for example this morning. The hoof marks in the sand tell of horses on the gallop. The local riding school have clearly brought the horses for an early morning canter. One could discover the number of horses, their comparative weights and many another detail. The evidence is there in the sand.
Again the mussel shells picked clean by the gulls tell of the flocks of waders and gulls on this shoreline. If I were an expert I could most likely tell the type of bird from the web marks in the still wet sand! This is all fascinating detective work and sometimes Brandy's the first to find an object worth a second look.
It's futile to dismiss the evidence provided to satisfy our spiritual quest. There's more than enough in the natural world, the human conscience, the Bible and the Life of Christ and history of the Christian Church to answer the questions we really need answering. Of course we'll still have additional questions but as St Paul wrote "the Scriptures are able to give you the wisdom needed for your salvation". The Bible can be trusted. The problem is few honestly examine its pages seeking to know God's way for their lives.
Some come to conclusions on the basis of hearsay or prejudice without personally reading the record for themselves.I know the text is not so easy to follow without help but the help is available ( see my Favourite Links page)
Brandy has taught me a few things about these matters! He takes the evidence of his senses very seriously! He weighs up the evidence quickly and always acts upon it. I wish I could do the same more often with the evidence God has provided.

acting on evidence

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More favourite quotes
to see a world in a grain of sand and a Heaven in a wild flower;hold infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour" W. Blake 
"the man who hears my words and acts upon them is like a man who built his house on rock....but the man who hears my words and fails to act upon them is a fool. He builds his house on sand. Matthew 7
"the world is too much with us;late and soon,getting and spending,we lay waste our powers;little we see in Nature that is ours." W Wordsworth
"we did not follow cunningly devised fables but were eyewitnesses of Christ's Majesty" 2Peter

"Heaven in a wild flower"

Have you started to weigh up the evidence yet?