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Dogs might fly
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Dogs might fly
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To square this circle is impossible
There's no finer sight than Brandy at full speed along the sea edge.From a distance he seems to spend more time in the air than on the sand! He just seems to fly along! Leaps into the air after a ball or short chases after groups of birds are one thing. A long run at speed is quite another. Once a hang-glider came down on the sands way ahead of us. The pilot glided low for some distance before landing. This was Brandy's chance to give chase. There was no chance of him actually catching the craft but the dog's persistence paid off. The glider had come to rest only a few seconds before Brandy caught up with it.The dog gave the man a welcome back to earth he would not forget. He tried to round him up as if he were a group of miscreants.  Jumping up at him and barking his welcome the man must have thought the dog had taken leave of  his senses. The man and his craft must have appeared completely alien to the dog. After all people don't fall out of the sky onto the sand do they? Perhaps he was thinking, excitedly, if men can fly, one day maybe dogs will too!

Some things will always remain impossible; no matter advances in science and technology. It's clear while the earth spins on its axis and the sun continues to shine there will be day and night and while the earth's tilt is as it is there will be the march of Spring and splendid Autumn colours for temperate latitudes.
In the moral sphere it's impossible to know God in a personal way by sheer effort of search or religious rites and practices. It is not as if we can discover God for ourselves or please him by our own moral performance. Like the glider pilot coming from the unknown into Brandy's experience God must come to us. He must reveal himself to us. Each of us needs a real life-experience of his friendship.
Christians believe God has revealed himself in Jesus Christ. Christ is "God in focus" and it is only in a faith-relationship with Christ that we can know God for ourselves.Each of us is invited into such a relationship. This is what God wants for us and is prepared to give us as a free gift! WOW! expression of awe not a noise made by Brandy!
By the way; if you would like to share your views about my thoughts while walking with Brandy or would like to know how Brandy feels about his life ...Please get in touch!

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