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Everybody's car park
Time and tide
Dogs might fly
Signs in the sand
Dune walk
Launching out
Favourite links

and thanks for joining me on some of my favourite dog walks; but caution...walking dogs takes stamina and K9 understanding!
For most dog owners walking the dog is a chore. For me it's a time of braving the weather on the North Coast of Wales, UK, and reflecting on sights and sounds around me. It's a time of reflection on life, death and hot coffee and muffins afterwards!
Brandy, that's my collie, can't wait to dash into the sea whatever the weather. The long stretch of beach backed by dunes is doggie heaven!!
I hope to make this site amusing, informative and stimulating; but not necessarily in that order! You'll learn a bit about me: my family, my interests, my faith and  more. I've included a list of my favorite links to other sites
which I hope you'll follow up.
Got coffee? Just sit back and relax a while. Let me take you to our favourite walking territory. I think Brandy's beginning to smell the sea already!

By the way; my name's Dyfed and Brandy's my collie.
He's the handsome one!
I guess you're wondering how old I am.
In human terms I'm about 32years older than Brandy.
In doggie terms I would be 434years old!!
That makes me a Methusalah of a dog!
So please don't try to teach me any new tricks!


Use the site map on the left to select a page. I suggest you take them in descending order if you're to keep up the pace. So you must go down in order to go forward....if you see what I mean!
Don't cheat now! You're not allowed to read the last page before you've digested the first. After all, who has sweet before main course? or a dip in the sea before a run on the beach?
Muffins taste best after a long brisk walk. Take my word for it!

See you in the Car Park then...and don't be late; you'll miss the dash for the sea!

Our main walking area

The Riverbanks by sandramelanie
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