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Time and tide
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Time and tide
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Dune walk
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Feeling the width

There's rarely a day when there is no sand on which to walk.The sheer vastness of the sands when the tide is out is guaranteed to blow away any claustrophobia.
Once Brandy is on the run chasing a ball or simply playing in the waves a certain freedom comes over me. It's a kind of 'letting go'; forgetting for a brief time the things that dominate one's planning and decision-making.
Holiday makers come to the beach in the Summer months and they seek to find this same freedom for themselves. They bring various aids with them. Chairs and windbreaks; dingies and sailboards;kites and ball games etc. The sand and sea air  help them to wind down after life in the city. Sometimes the beach becomes another world and sometimes the real world of tide and time catches up on them.
This happened for some one day after Brandy and I got back from our walk. While many folk had become engrossed in play on the sands the tide had come in and taken some by surprise. Soon they were surrounded by water, marrooned on their little sand mounds. They had all on to rush to the safety of the dunes 

Will it be like this for the guilty of this world I thought?
Perhaps in our love affair with pleasure,possessions and the cares of this life the vastness of eternal matters will invade us like the tide. Eternity will overwhelm us and perhaps trap us on the sand mound of our choices.
I'm ready to admit my shortcomings before God but to think that the consequences of my sin might be of eternal import and lead to a judgement I am not ready for is simply frightening. I can only say that God's judgement will be a just one. If my conscience is not clear and my sins stay unforgiven then Hell must be my just desert.
Such thoughts are very disturbing. I think I am in spiritual peril. I must find time to seek out a solution. But for now it's a quick rub down with the towel for Brandy before getting back home for a coffee....  


Freedom for the spirit is found only in Christ


 the yacht is a great symbol of freedom. The vast oceans are open to one's wandering. Yet the risks and dangers remain for any journey. As with all travel the real journeying is in the mind. One can change ones environment yet remain in the same/better or worse spiritual condition. 



Here's a list of some of my favorite quotes:
every dog at last will have his day;he who this morning smiled,at night may sorrow;the grub to-day is a butterfly tomorrow"
time and tide wait for no man"

"he who covers his sins will not prosper but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy"

"The realisation is less than the expectation. I tell you straight.... when I cry I cry for yesterday" Peter Sellers
"I wish there were some wonderful place in the land of Beginning Again where all our mistakes and all our heartaches and all our poor selfish grief could be dropped like a shabby old coat at the door and never put on again" Louise Tarkington
This site actually exists to inform you that there is such a wonderful place....just try to keep up the pace......go to next page