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Launching out
Everybody's car park
Time and tide
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Dune walk
Launching out
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Catching the tide..... 

Deganwy shore from Conwy side

The walk along the river estuary has great views not just across the water over to the Deganwy shore, but way out to sea beyond the Great Orme.This headland was named I believe by the Vikings who thought the it looked like some sea monster rising up out of the water. Beyond this coast lies the Irish sea which is joined to the great Atlantic Ocean.

Boats are constantly plying along these shores. Once semaphore stations existed from Anglesey to Liverpool and the port could be informed of approaching vessels with their expected cargoes. The yachting marina just round from the dunes makes a fine sight and yachts from many countries are berthed here.

Just past the car-park is a small jetty from where yachts and light craft can be launched.Big or small each vessel needs the tide  and the river to carry it out to sea.
There is a right time to launch. Its when all the needed preparations have been made and the tide is sufficiently high. Seeing the river traffic is evocative and fills the imagination with all of Kiplings honest serving men.
Faith in Christ is rather like a "launching out" The evidence has been weighed. The decision to follow him is clinched.The words are said and meant.Ties are cut and pledges are made.From this moment on a new life begins.We say YES to Christ and resolve to go his way from now on.
A simple prayer of commitment can help. Here is one written by Francis Havergal;

I am trusting you Lord Jesus;you have died for me;trusting you for full salvation,great and free. I am trusting you for pardon;at your feet I bow,for your grace and tender mercy, trusting now.I am trusting you Lord Jesus;never let me fall;I am trusting you for ever, and for all. AMEN
If you find faith in Christ difficult why not  pray this prayer for yourself or email me. Ask for the booklet "Finding Real Faith."  I'll be glad to send it to you
"Clouds chase shadows across the sand
dipping their feet in the water,
rainwashed birds,lifting,swooping,
sew sky and earth together
with unmarked threads of flight.
The cottages lie waiting,motionless as the beached boats.
What do I choose Lord?
to take the shelter of the cottages,quiet and comfortable,
or take the boat and venture out to sea,
risking all with You? "    Eddie Askew

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Boats waiting for the tide in Conwy harbour

God's tide of love awaits your decision....