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Favourite links
Everybody's car park
Time and tide
Dogs might fly
Signs in the sand
Dune walk
Launching out
Favourite links

Some of my favourite sites......

local news

more about Conwy

View from our balcony. Anne's watercolour

photos to delight the eye

border collies

Jesus - the facts

Bible - online

Spurgeon .....what a man!

family son's solo motorbike ride through Africa

A favourite poem....PERFECT PEACE
I don't look back; God knows the fruitless efforts.
The wasted hours, the sinning, the regrets;
I leave them all with Him who blots the record,
and mercifully forgives, and then forgets.
I don't look round for then would fears assail me,
so wild the tumult of earths restless seas;
so dark the world, so filled with woe and evil,
so vain the hope of comfort or of ease.
But I look up - into the face of Jesus,
for there my heart can rest, my fears are stilled;
and there is joy, and love, and light for darkness,
and perfect peace, and every hope fulfilled.
                                                   Annie J Flint 
Favourite text.....
Trust in the Lord with all your heart.Lean not on your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him and he shall direct your paths.Prov 3 v5

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The Riverbanks by sandramelanie
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